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MS Office setup is a complete package of productivity suite open for professional, educational, and personal use. As per your subscription, you get different sets of products, features, and cloud storage space. Nevertheless, you get some basic features for a certain period if you use free account or offline software.

MS Office Setup products:

  • Outlook: It is a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and other services for Microsoft users
  • OneDrive: A part of Office setup suite offers file hosting and synchronization services operated by Microsoft
  • MS Office Word: A word processor by Microsoft lets users create productive documents superior writing and editing tools.
  • MS Office Excel: A spreadsheet by Microsoft with advanced sort & filter feature
  • PowerPoint : A presentation program designed for professionals and students to create attractive presentations
  • OneNote: It is a digital notebook with multiple benefits as it allows you to create and share your notes OneNote users over the Internet
  • SharePoint: A web-based collaborative platform empowers a team to work together and gather quick information
  • Microsoft Teams: A platform that integrates workplace chat, meetings, comments, attachments, and much more With many other apps and their benefits, you can create better outcomes. However, you need to have a product key to access online account or some advanced MS Office setup programs.

How to find Office Setup product key?

  1. Search in the address bar of a web browser
  2. Click on the official page from the search list
  3. As the login page appears, do sign in/ sign up
  4. From your profile, click Office> Products
  5. If you do not see any 'Product' option form the page, go to the Microsoft Office page and log in using the same credentials
  6. Click Office> Product
  7. Select and click on a product package to explore its features and services
  8. Go thoroughly and click 'Buy now' button to proceed
  9. Click Checkout
  10. Complete the billing & payment process
  11. You will receive an email with a license Office setup product key
  12. In a new tab, login to the account your users to create profile and you will find the email in the inbox

How to activate Microsoft Office via

  1. Note down your Office setup product key and go to
  2. From the official page, click Sign in
  3. Type your email address and enter
  4. Enter your Office setup product key it the field and submit
  5. Type your password and access your profile

How to download & install Office setup?

  1. As you access your profile, you will see an offline installer option
  2. Click Download Office to download Office setup package
  3. Double-click and open the folder
  4. Run Office setup or install
  5. Follow the on-screen steps
  6. After completing the steps, restart your computer
office setup

Microsoft Office also entitles its users to switch subscriptions. Although the process of moving to another subscription is a slightly different package, you only need to have the product key. Below is the process on how to switch Office setup 365 home subscriptions to personal.

How to switch Office setup 365 subscriptions?

  1. Users with a physical box or card will find a 25-character product key on it Whereas, users who got online subscription need to check their email for a receipt that includes an Office setup product key
  2. After noting the key, go to
  3. Click the login button and enter the id associated with your Office 365 subscription
  4. On the next page, enter the product key and submit
  5. Select your country/ region
  6. Complete the following steps

Alternatively, users who have a pre-installed Office setup version on their computer must not install another version simultaneously. Having two separate Microsoft Office suite will create performance issues. If you want to upgrade with a newer version, make sure to uninstall Office setup older version.

Updating to a newer version? Uninstall office setup's older version

  1. Click Start/ press Windows icon
  2. Go to control panel/ Setting
  3. Click Programs/ Systems
  4. Select Programs & features/ Apps & features
  5. Find and click Microsoft Office setup package
  6. Click uninstall
  7. Confirm your choice and uninstall Office setup

Make sure to uninstall the software before you install the newer version of Office setup suite. Please note that the steps may vary as per the operating system you use.

Microsoft Office mobile apps are efficient mobile apps developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 mobile, Windows 10, iOS, Android, and works on Chrome also. The main and important apps are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Other Office apps, including Skype for Business and SharePoint Newsfeed, are available for download from the mobile play store on supported devices and platforms.

How you can use MS Office on Mobile Phones?

  1. 1. When marking into Office Mobile for Android telephones, you can utilize a Microsoft Account related with your Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 University membership or an Organization represents all other Office 365 records. You can locate the full rundown of qualified Office 365 memberships later in this blog entry. Try not to stress on the off chance that you have the two kinds of records. You can get to distributed storage places, for instance, Sky Drive and Sky Drive Pro, after you sign-in.
  2. 2. On the ongoing reports tab, the keep going records you chipped away at from either your PC - running the new Office - or telephone will consequently appear here. This is made conceivable by Office 365's wandering records highlight with the goal that you generally have brisk access to the most modern adaptation of reports you took a shot at.
  3. 3. On the Locations tab, you can see the majority of your associated distributed storage areas and include extra areas, for example, Sky Drive, Sky Drive Pro or SharePoint locales.
MSoffice Mobile
  1. 4. From the landing page, you can without much of a stretch move between your ongoing reports, your distributed storage areas, and making another Word or Excel archive. You can know about how you investigate every zone. You will find the applications on the official site of MS Office by the given link
Extraordinary features of MS Office Word

You can peruse, alter and make new Word records with Office Mobile. Word is advanced for the little screen of your Android telephone, making your records look extraordinary.

  • When you open a Word record from Sky Drive or Sky Drive Pro, it will open at the precise spot you left off on your PC or telephone.
  • After that menu bar vanish a couple of moments in the wake of opening the archive, so you can really concentrate on the substance of the report.
  • The record plot encourages you to explore the archive diagram and remarks, which is helpful for when you need to audit only a specific segment of a long report
  • Tap the pencil on the menu bar and you gain admittance to the most widely recognized altering, remarking and designing choices.
  • Once you are done with making changes to a Word document, you can share it via email or save the document to Sky Drive. For accessing word, you must have office setup.
Extra Ordinary Features

Make your Work life much easier with MS Excel

Exceed expectations worksheets, tables, and graphs are perfectly scaled to accommodate your telephone screen. When you update numbers in the spreadsheet, the whole exercise manual will recalculate. You can likewise make graphs; use AutoSum highlights and channel information in tables.

  • The Outline View gives you a chance to hop to the worksheet, graph or table based on your personal preference. From the Outline View, you can likewise rapidly explore remarks.
  • You can likewise channel or sort information in tables, to get new bits of knowledge.
  • Select any scope of cells and utilizing the Auto-Sum include you can right away view the aggregate, normal, tally, greatest and least qualities for that run.
  • With that equivalent chose information, you can rapidly make an outline.
  • Lastly, you can organize cells to plainly feature the most imperative information. To use excel you need an existing account or if not then create one on

When you click, the alternatives catch while on the Office Mobile home screen, you can get to the settings for Office Mobile. The settings page gives you a chance to reset Office Mobile and include a personality for remarks made on your telephone. Resetting Office restores the application to starting state, erases every one of your archives, and distributed storage areas from the telephone. You can also change the settings on the official site by the link