Some Amazing Features That Could Make Your Outlook Experience Even Better

The Microsoft Office Outlook is certainly the best emailing software till date, but do you know that it has got some amazing features that will keep you organized in a better way? In this blog, we are going to introduce with some useful features that you may not have known or discovered earlier. And if you have not Outlook yet, we can say that you will want to visit to install it, once you reach the end of this blog.

  1. Automatic Email Organization

You can set specific folders for specific email receptions. To do this:

  • Create a folder using Ctrl + Shift + E.
  • Automate filing into the folder. Right click on the Email option, and then click the Rules option. Choose the ‘Always move messages from’ option.
  • Now, choose a folder to receive emails from a specific sender(s).

  1. The ‘Favourites’ feature that keeps active folders at the top of the folder pane.

You can use the three-filing system in your Microsoft Outlook that you downloaded from

  • Active Files

This folder keeps senders that you do business with actively. You can keep mails that you need at your fingertips. To add a folder to the Favourites tab:

  • Right click on the Folder tab and select ‘Show in Favourites’.
  • After completing the project, you can right click on the Folder tab and select ‘Remove from Favourites’.
  • Inbox Folder System

The Inbox folder system automatically alphabetizes the folders. But if you want to move a ‘K’ folder to the top of the list, you can put a number or a special character like underscore (_) before that folder.

  • Perennial Files

In this folder, you can keep files that you want to keep forever. For example, contract files, tax records, etc.

  1. Use shortcuts to save time.

Next time when you use Outlook, keep the below shortcuts in mind:

  • Reply to an email: Ctrl + R
  • Compose email: Ctrl + Shift + M
  • Open an email: Ctrl + 1
  • Open the calendar: Ctrl + 2
  • Open your contacts: Ctrl + 3
  • Open your tasks: Ctrl + 4

So those were a few hacks that you needed to know while using Outlook. Please note that you can always seek any information related to your Microsoft Office software at

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