How can you avoid opening your file in ‘Read- Only’ mode?

Most of the times, while opening any Microsoft Office file such as Excel spreadsheet and Word document it opens in ‘Read-Only’ mode. This problem may occur any time and you might not be able to finish the work on time. There are some scenarios in which you may see “Read-Only”. Some of the possible causes along with the solutions are as follows:

Using an antivirus:

  • If you are using any anti-virus than this may also be the reason for opening your MS-Office file in ‘Read-Only’ mode because antivirus may block your files or restrict them by considering it unsafe. In case you are sure that your files are completely harmless than you can disable it for the short period of time but don’t forget to enable it after sometime when you are done with your work

Check ‘Properties’:

  • Check your files’ properties by right-clicking it and choosing ‘Properties’ from the menu. If the read-only mode is enabled then uncheck this option to disable the same.

File is in protected view:

  • Normally, unsafe files are opened in a protected view so that possible threat would not harm your computer. Nonetheless, internet files and other system files from unsafe locations may have viruses such as worms, Trojans, and spyware etc.

OneDrive storage:

  • Do check your OneDrive storage space because if the stored file is in the same location and the space is full in that case you need to free up some space to save it. Therefore, you can click the OneDrive icon in the notification center and check ‘Manage Storage.’

Expired MS-Office subscription:

  • One more task you can perform and that is to check whether your Office is activated or not. If not then, probably your Office subscription would have been expired. To re-activate this you can call the customer care.

If all your efforts go in vain despite trying all these steps then give a try to below- given points:

  • Restart your computer
  • Check if any MS-Office setup update is there
  • Go for online repair for office

For more information about ‘Read-Only’ mode or how to download any Office product via, you can call the customer care number.

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