Gaming Companies are all set to Encourage Green Gaming

There are around 2 billion people in the world whose favorite pass-time is playing games. Therefore, the gaming authorities of 21 companies have devised a way to promote eco-friendly gaming for users who love to spend their time while playing games. Recently, the big companies in the field of gaming such as the developers of “PlayStation”, “Xbox” of, “Angry Birds”, “Minecraft” and others have come up to a plan which will encourage the players to go green game.

On September 23, 2019, the gaming companies declared that they are trying their best to reduce the negative impacts of gaming on climate change and ask the players to help them too. They gave their consent to planting as many trees as they can. They have come up to this point so that there is a visible reduction in the usage of plastic for packaging purpose. This will take the gaming console’s energy-efficiency one level up. On top of that, they are also planning to give players the option to apply environmental themes while playing.

Initiatives are taken by Gaming Authorities

The next-gen PlayStation will be designed in such a manner so that it will consume less power along with having a suspend-play mode. This would definitely help in saving a lot of electricity and reduce power consumption. The list of other initiatives is as follows:

  • The green gaming themes are designed in such a manner so as to educate children about the coastal cities. This will enhance their knowledge of how people live in wildlife and would open their minds to get concerned about other factors which are harming the environment.
  • Since many years, parents have been worried for children who stick their eyes to the screen all the time. Keeping this in mind, the United Nations WHO team has set up a rule for the screen time for children. According to this, the children below the age of 1 are not at all allowed to use the electronic gadgets and the ones whose age is up to 5 can watch the screen for only an hour.
  • The game named “Animal Jam” will promote habitat restoration and reforestation as well. Every new player will be asked to plant a tree to play the game.
  • 825,000 Xbox consoles are being developed by the makers of Office setup i.e., Microsoft. These consoles will be carbon-neutral which will decrease the heat-trapping effect of CO This will encourage real-life sustainability with the help of its widely sold game known as “Minecraft”.
  • Other methods to encourage eco-friendly gaming includes spreading of ecological messages on its platform. This initiative has been taken by the developer of “Twitch”, Amazon.

Final words-

Being a responsible adult, it is also our responsibility to help authorities in achieving climate-friendly gaming goals. It is we players who will ultimately play the games and take their words into action. Until and unless we inculcate green gaming habits in us, there is no point left for improving the ever-diminishing health of our environment.

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