Get to know about the latest features of Microsoft Graph

Microsoft has been providing its own apps to offer real-time collaboration in Office and one such tool amongst many is Microsoft Graph. It has evolved to become a way of linking people, devices, and the work they do. The real value of some other Microsoft apps and tools comes when you start mixing the Microsoft Graph with other services and with your own data.

Microsoft Graph

This tool is powerful enough, giving you a way of making complex queries across all your users and all their data, from Office documents to emails, to contacts, and the devices they’re using. The graph helps to automate common business processes and gives you new insights into how a task can be accomplished easily.

New Tools and features in Microsoft Graph

A lot can be done with Microsoft graph but its real value comes when you start combining different data graphs together and it is only possible through Graph Data Connect. Data Factory tooling also helps to extract data, therefore it is recommended that you take care of what you are working inside any data protection regulations along with fulfilling industry-specific rules.

There are some programs which are known as Project Rome SDK which is available for both iOS, Windows and Android. These help to identify the nearby devices using Bluetooth technology to set up a connection between devices. It can also be used with Graph to compile a set of add-ons for Microsoft Slack and Microsoft Teams so that you can share documents in a meeting as soon as possible.

Taking the Graph beyond Office 365

Microsoft developed schemas to support data sets which can be used to design queries that join Graph data with other data that you have. It cannot only be used on Office 365, but on other platforms as well. Microsoft is all set to roll out the more feature to enhance business productivity. The new features include Project Rome, powering services such as Windows 10’s Timeline, Project Rome aims, and more.

One more useful feature of Microsoft graph is its notification feature. You can easily manage your notifications. Say you have seen and read the message in one app on one device then it will be dismissed on all other devices automatically. This helps to reduce distractions and keeps users from feeling hunted by most insignificant notifications.

To sum up-

Microsoft Graph has proved to be of immense help to users because now they can combine Graph data with other databases available in their network. Not only this, Microsoft is striving hard to include new features to its tools and services which would surely result in something incredible

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