March 1, 2019

Office My Account

To become a user with a valid subscription of Microsoft Office, you need to have an existing account on the official site. Whenever you start to use a product from the Office productivity suite, you either need to install a free version or purchased one. When you choose the free version of the software, you get to access it for a limited time and after you extend the limit, you are required to provide an Office product key in order to continue using it.

Desktop users generally do not face any issue with the suite except the times of product activation or renewal. On the other hand, people who use Office online often stuck with errors like account access, incorrect product key and so.

To set down issues to access your Office account, you need to go through the right procedure. In case you are a new user and want to register for Office my account, follow the instruction given here.

How do you register at

  1. Visit the mentioned link and click ‘Create one!’ below the field
  2. Advanced table and chart options in Office 365 excel sheets
    • Using an email address
    • Use a phone number instead
    • Give a new email address

Method 1: Using an email address

If you choose to create an account using an email address, you need to enter an email address in the field. The address should be an existing one on any domain page

  1. Set a strong password
  2. You will now receive a confirmation mail on the email address you used
  3. When prompted, click ‘Product’ to explore options
  4. Login and confirm your account

Method 2: Use a phone number instead

Activate Office 365

  1. Select your region
  2. Enter your registered phone number
  3. you will receive a confirmation code or OTP given phone number, enter it in the field to compete for account creation

Method 3: Give a new email address

This method is used when you are unable to complete the process of creating your profile on Office My account page. In possible cases, the address you used does not exists, blocked, or already in use. By this method, you can create a fresh account without any error.

  1. Enter an email address of these domains – or
  2. Set a password
  3. A confirmation code or link will be sent to your outlook or Hotmail account
  4. Log in to that account and complete the process

You have now successfully created an account. You are now entitled to use Office setup online. However, if you exceed the subscription period, you will be asked for the MS Office product key. If you do not provide the product key, you will no longer have the access to your files stored on the cloud space of Microsoft Office.

To get the access back, visit the official page of Microsoft Office and create an account or use an existing one. Select and purchase a product as per your need. Once you complete the billing process, you receive a unique Office product key on the registered email address you used to purchase. Keep the email secured and use the key to complete activation and login process.