Ed-Tech: What Is It and Why Is It Important to You 

Ed-Tech, or educational technology, is on the rise. It refers to the technology used mainly for education. There are two main functions of Ed-Tech: as an academic discipline and as a practice.

Ed-Tech as an academic discipline is the use of technology to analyze and solve problems related to teaching and learning. Ed-Tech as a practice is using modern technology, such as programs, apps, machines, and tools, in learning and/or teaching. 

Why is Ed-Tech important to us? 

1. To improve the educational system

The goal of Ed-Tech is to help and improve education. It’s a way for teachers to properly deliver their concepts with the help of tools, machines. Handing out piles and piles of books or manuals for students to read and taping different pictures on the board whenever a discussion needs an illustrated material should be a thing of the past!  Instead, utilize Microsoft Office to help you with illustrated learning materials.

The modern society is in a time where apps and programs are becoming basic needs. It’s high time for our schools to keep up with today’s technology. The students will benefit a great deal with Ed-Tech for a number of reasons. They don’t need to carry a lot of materials in their bags because all their textbooks will be in one app or device. No need to scour the library for books for their research work because there are websites that are readily available to provide any information that a hundred libraries can give. These are just the basic examples of how technology can help them.  

2. To make learning easy and fun 

Teachers shouldn’t be limited to using books and the blackboard for teaching. Surprise, surprise. The young ones aren’t a fan of boring lectures. They’re more engaged when they see what’s being discussed in action.  

Teachers can be very creative with their lessons by using audio and video materials. Students will find it easier to remember information through moving images and captivating sounds. Have you tried creating a song out of your lesson just so you can remember it during an exam? Watching educational videos, such as those in clutchprep.com, works the same way. With Ed-Tech, the students’ learning abilities and memory retention will be greatly improved. Imagine how excited students will be in going to class every day when they know that their teacher will use a cool app to teach lessons!

3. To give students a better chance of landing great jobs 

Most companies today use modern technology in every aspect of their business like coding to create business website. It’s essential that fresh graduates have a good grasp of how basic technologies work when they encounter them in the workplace. Where will the students learn modern technology? In school. It’d be a shame if the real world is already advancing to the future but the education system isn’t.  

The young generation is filled with so much life and enthusiasm that they want to do so much more than sitting around and listening to the teacher all day. They want to be involved. They want to work on things with their hands. That’s how they learn, through hands-on experience. That’s also how they’ll be in the future with their chosen career. Nobody would want to be sitting in the office from 9 to 5. Give them machines and tools to work with to be efficient and productive. Ed-Tech ensures that the students are prepared for a fulfilling career.  A better career means a better life. 


With the advancement of technology, we wouldn’t want our teachers and students to be left behind. It’s now time to step up the game one notch higher. Teaching will still be done by teachers. Ed-Tech is just an educational resource that’ll help in preparing our youth for tomorrow.