How To Utilize Your Business’s CRM Better

You probably heard the phrase that customer is king over and over again. Although its a cliché, the statement still holds much truth to it. Without a good customer following, no business will thrive. Customer Relationship Management, also called as CRM, is a set of strategies for managing relationships and interactions of customers of a certain business or organization. 

Having an efficient and effective CRM system will help organizations and companies connect to customers, improve profitability, and streamline processes. CRM usually includes tools for sales management, productivity, contact management, and such with the ultimate goal of enhancing your business in the long run. A search engine optimization agency can also help you utilize your CRM system. 

Here are some tips to utilize your business’s CRM better: 

1. Use a CRM software 

A CRM software is a tool that records all kinds of customer information like contact numbers, email, social media profile, demographics, and more. Your CRM system provides a record of individuals and companies giving you even your client’s personal preference for communication. By having this kind of information, you can improve your business’s CRM by creating a better image of your customer and capturing business with them using this information about your customers. 

One of the good things about knowing your customers’ personal preferences for communication is that you can send large files and promotions on your business immediately. You can look up the different CRM providers like Salesforce or NetSuite.

2. Important CRM Features

The best thing about using CRM software is its features. The features allow you to maximize the benefits you get from the application. Youll want to look for the following features to utilize your CRM for your business: 

  • Application Programming Interface 

The API feature will allow you to link one CRM system to another, which will enable you to avoid entering information multiple times. 

  • Multiple contact information 

The multiple contact information feature allows you to group information according to company or name. By having this feature, it‘s possible for you to see a complete view of all interactions made with a certain person or multiple individuals from a certain company. 

  • Dashboards 

The dashboard provides you with a bird’s eye view of all sales opportunities across your business’s customer base. Having this, you’ll be able to spot opportunities and act on it immediately. 

  • Delegation 

The system can also allow you to delegate tasks to employees and between colleagues electronically. 

  • Information entry and access 

Information should be easily accessed by all employees. This means that if one employee talked to a client over the phone, he should be able to enter notes and details regarding the call on the file of the client. Once its introduced into the system, the information should be accessible by the company and individual. 

  • Customer history 

The customer history includes the length of customer relationships, feedback from customers, and purchasing behavior. This enables you to react more effectively and adequately to customer concerns. Knowing their purchasing behavior will also allow you to make better marketing products and promotional materials to target them specifically. 

3. Pull reports 

Your CRM system will also be loaded with reports, especially regarding customer interaction and communication. CRM systems will allow you to compare customer interactions based on employees to see which ones have the shortest or longest response times and frequency of customer complaints. By reviewing these customer reports, youll be able to evaluate your employees better and increase accountability on your employee’s part. 

CRM can help in identifying critical weaknesses in your employees; because of this, youll also be able to provide appropriate training opportunities for your staff to serve your customers better. 

4. Maximize cross-selling and up-selling 

Up-selling is the practice of offering premium products of the same category of your customer’s purchase while cross-selling is the practice of suggesting complementary products to customers based on previous purchases. With your CRM system, you can also facilitate up-selling and cross-selling.  

Your CRM system should have a central database storing buying patterns of your customers. With this, you can spot opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, thus maximizing potential sales. 

5. Optimize marketing

One of the benefits of your CRM system is also to allow you to understand customer behavior and needs. By identifying and understanding your customer more, you can strategize a marketing play to target specific customers using the right kind of promotions. CRM will also allow you to focus on the most profitable group of customers.

By utilizing your CRM, youll be able to optimize marketing resources effectively and efficiently. Marketing strategies also include having a good website specifically designed for your target market. 


To date, CRM technology plays a big role in gaining revenue and is an excellent strategy for the future. If you know how to utilize CRM for your business, youll be able to improve customer service level in a snap. Gaining an advantage in CRM will surely boost sales and improve customer relations. Hope these tips were able to help you in your business venture.