How to use MS Office Customization Tool?

The tool is a part of the Office deployment process that helps in installing Office on a number of computers by creating the configuration files. These files give you more control over Office configuration. You can define which applications and languages are installed and how those applications should be updated.

(Note: if you are not an enterprise administrator and still looking to install Office in your home or business, see )

office customizing tool

Get started and create a configuration file:

To start with, go to the Office Customization Tool wizard on the MS Office page and choose the products, languages, and applications that you want to configure. When you are done, export the configuration file, which you can use with the Office Deployment Tool.

 (Note: to enjoy the multiple benefits of Office Customization Tool, you first need to update the existing version of MS office on your device, which you can easily do through )

To create the configuration file, go to Office Customization Tool section on MS Office page and follow the instructions and prompts that appear on the screen. You have the freedom to choose that you want to install updates directly from the cloud or from a local source of your network. At the end of the installation process, you are required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions before you finish with the procedure.

In case you want to change or edit the existing configuration file, you can easily do it by importing the file you want to edit. After changing its settings, you can again export it without following any hard and fast procedure.

Set Application Preferences

As part of the Office Customization Tool, you can set application preferences for your Office that includes VBA macro notifications, default file locations, default file formats, and more. You can apply them as part of deploying Office or as an existing installation of Office that too without changing any other deployment settings.

A Note:

When creating a configuration file, the Office Customization Tool includes two attributes for the Configuration element i.e., The ID attribute and The Host attribute. The ID attribute identifies the deployment method and the Host attribute identifies the deployment options that have been selected. These attributes don’t contain any personally identifiable information (PII), but Click-to-Run sends the attribute values to Microsoft. It helps in better understanding of what the configurations customers are using and making customization even easier.

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