Why Sony is going to launch only 2 PlayStation4 games in April?

Sony is launching two Playstation4 games for the PS users in the upcoming April month. Although it launches 6 games every month, this is the second time when Sony is offering only 2 games. Earlier, Sony launched the games that are compatible with Microsoft operating system. However, from the last two months, Sony stopped working on PS3 or PS Vita games. This unfortunate event disappointed the users who were anticipating for the game.


Yet, Microsoft managed to deliver 4 games a month. Moreover, it also revealed that Xbox gold subscribers could enjoy the games free. Here, two games for Xbox360 and two for XboxOne. It is launching more games than Sony, which can be beneficial for Microsoft.

Since Sony has cast off its free games of PS3 and PS Vita, the users will only get two PS4 games every month. Susceptibly, this will leave a major impact on players who cross-play PS Vita and PS4.

Sony is giving their PS subscribers a chance to plays these two great upcoming games for free. Sony announced the games namely Conan Exiles and The Surge. The users who have not downloaded the March games can download it before 1 April.

Games that Sony is going to launch in April

Conan ExilesThis game is not for everyone as it is hard to play. Typically, it is a survival game, in which the player has to find water, shelter, food while protecting him from hurdles, wild beasts, and bandits to survive until the end.

It is a very challenging game for the users to survive until the end. It can be interesting for the users who love to play games like this so you can download and play this game from April.

The Surge- It is a science fiction video game in which you play a role of Warren. This game is mysterious and surprising.  Warren is CREO, organization that promises a better future for humans after the depletion of resources.

These are the two games launching in April month.

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