The Benefits Of Windows 10 Professional 

Because of the advent of technology, operating a business can now become an easier task. Countless applications and software are regularly introduced, each having unique and more advanced features. You can even pay for professionals to create an application or software that perfectly fits your business operations. 

The operating system of a personal computer is one of technology’s gifts to businesses. Operating systems work by supporting the computer’s basic functions, executing applications, and managing the computer’s hardware. 

But with the number of operating systems available today, do you know which to use? Are you even aware of the factors to consider when choosing an operating system for your personal computer? You might come up with answers to these questions if you know how Windows 10 Professional works as well as the features of Microsoft Office. 

Using the Windows 10 Professional allows you to enjoy the following benefits: 

1. Cost-Effective Investment

Windows 10 Professional isn’t the only operating system available today. You can choose from a wide variety of operating systems that have different features and usability. However, if you want to invest in an operating system that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, the Windows 10 Professional is a great option. 

You can own the Windows 10 Professional for $199 or look for discounted key code download for Windows products. Unlike its counterparts, the Windows 10 Professional provides more value to your money with the variety and ease of use of its applications. 

If you want your operating system to be more functional, you need to buy the appropriate licenses first. You can do this by checking your emails after purchasing the operating system online or checking Microsoft’s website for your 25-character product ID. Another cheap option is to look for a refurbished key code download for Windows 10 Professional. 

The Windows 10 Professional is already useful as it is, but having the license key for this operating system allows you to make the most out of your investment. These license keys can open up several other features such as: 

  • BitLocker: 

    A computer used for business will surely contain important data. More often than not, your business’s trade secrets will be kept on your computer. Since having digital copies is essential, you will use your computer to store all of your business’ marketing and business plans, including proposals to potential investors.

If you want these data to be safe and secure, BitLocker is the perfect solution. This is encryption software that works by fully securing all of your drives and keeping them safe from anyone who is trying to hack into your system. 

BitLocker is just one of the additional software you can enjoy once you use key codes for your Windows 10 Professional. 

  • Trusted Boot: 

    The accessibility of the World Wide Web can make all business processes easier, but on the other hand, this accessibility can also endanger a business’s security. 

Aside from BitLocker, Windows 10 Professional also provides added security through Trusted Boot. This software protects your computer by prohibiting any unauthorized users from entering your system. Trusted Boot also keeps your data safe by filtering malicious software and preventing them from getting into your own software. 

Businesses can benefit from these added features as cybersecurity is becoming a common issue today. With Trusted Boot, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data isn’t vulnerable to threats and breaches. 

  • Remote Desktop Connection: 

    The remote desktop connection allows one computer to have full control of several other computers. With this software, you can control and view several computers at once just by navigating through the “master machine.” 

How the remote desktop connection functions can be very beneficial for businesses that operate for educational purposes. This software makes it easy for teachers to provide on-screen instructions to students or for team members viewing presentations at the same time.

2. Features Perfect For Businesses

Choosing the right operating system can already make your life easier as a computer user, but the Windows 10 Professional can enhance these benefits. This operating system offers new features that are perfect for businesses. Here’s how: 

  • Some people like how their operating systems update automatically even without their permission. However, there are some entrepreneurs who don’t like this built-in feature as it puts their data at risk. 

Automatic updates can adversely affect your productivity and cause a lot of stress, especially when you’re in the middle of completing a task. Instead of completing a presentation or document due within the day, you will be frustrated as your computer automatically closes all of the programs you’re using and then restarts. 

Fortunately, the Windows 10 Professional provides better control. You can now have the option to defer these updates and schedule them to another date and time. This function can be very convenient as you’ll be able to accomplish tasks on time without depriving your computer of its necessary updates. 

  • As an admin of a network of computers in your business, you can lock down the Windows Store and make sure that your employees will only download the necessary apps, and nothing else. This can help your employees become more productive and avoid distractions while working. 
  • When using tablets for business purposes, the Assigned Access feature can be very helpful. This software limits the access of tablets to online and offline applications.

Are you going to use the tablet to gather information from your application? You can use Assigned Access to program the tablet to direct applicants to the program where they can immediately type in their information. This will be very convenient for your applicants and helps your business create a positive brand. 

Will you allow your employees to use the tab during lunch break? You can prevent your employees from accessing inappropriate websites by using Assigned Access.

3. Improved And Larger Memory

The longer you use your computer, the larger memory you’ll need from it. This is especially true if you’re fond of storing videos, images, and other multimedia files. 

When you choose to use Windows 10 Professional, you don’t have to worry about running out of internal space because this operating system offers plenty of space for its users. The improved and larger memory of the Windows 10 Professional is one of the many reasons why more entrepreneurs are using this operating system for business. 

The Windows 10 Professional can actually support two terabytes of memory. This storage capacity allows you to save more than 100,000 songs, 150 movies, thousands of personal items, and still have plenty of room for folders and personal files. 

The memory of the Windows 10 Professional is very convenient because you won’t have to upgrade regularly just because your drives are full, especially when you’re into gaming as well. Drives for gaming is essential to make the most of your gaming experience. Moreover, this will also ensure that all of your data is stored in one place, making it easy for you to find them whenever you need them.

4. Perfect For Workstations

Different entrepreneurs will use their computers in different ways. Depending on the size and your role in the business, you might have to reply to thousands of emails daily, create important presentations, or make multimedia files from scratch. In some cases, you might even have to do all of these things at the same time. 

Using just any computer isn’t usually enough to support all of these tasks. A slow computer will crash the moment you open several programs at once, causing project delays—not to mention the inconvenience and stress you’ll experience once this situation occurs. 

When you use the Windows 10 Professional, you won’t have to worry about experiencing any of these things. This is a very powerful operating system built for workstations. 

Aside from the improved memory, Windows 10 Professional also comes with a very resilient file system, faster file-sharing features, and expanded hardware support. All of these features can help you accomplish more tasks with your computer.

5. Faster Performance Than Older OS

All of the operating systems produced by Microsoft are beneficial in their own way. Sure, they might not be perfect, but these operating systems helped a lot of businesses and even individuals in the past. 

However, if you’re currently using Windows 8 and noticed that the system has become too slow to the point where you can no longer accomplish even the simplest tasks with your computer, it might be best if you upgrade to Windows 10 Professional. 

Aside from being a newer version of Windows 8, the Windows 10 Professional also introduces one of the best things when it comes to operating systems. 

With the Windows 10 Professional, you can enjoy fast startup that boots your system in seconds and helps your computer handle demanding workloads with ease. This means less downtime and increased productivity levels. 

Moreover, the Windows 10 Professional guarantees better memory management than its predecessors. Using this operating system ensures that you can always experience smooth and fast operation even when you’re multitasking using your computer.

6. Better Usability

It’s important for all of your employees to know how to use the computer and its features. Investing in equipment that isn’t used by your employees can be a waste of resources. 

How can you possibly earn a return on investment if these computers aren’t used for business operations? How can your business improve using computers if none of your employees know how to use it? 

If you’re looking for an operating system that’s easy to navigate, use the Windows 10 Professional for your business. Transitioning into this operating system will become a breeze for all of your employees because the Windows 10 Professional comes with the following features: 

  • Its interface now contains live tiles and notifications that display crucial information. These will serve as your employees’ guide to know where to click and what programs to use. 
  • Because of its improved virtual desktop appearance, the Windows 10 Professional is also great for multitasking because you can easily juggle different windows when you’re working. Do you want to go back to typing a document after researching online? Simply press the Alt + Tab. 
  • You and your employees can also enjoy quarter monitor and half monitor sizes when you drag desktop windows in Windows 10 Professional. This flexibility can encourage your employees to do more tasks. 
  • The Windows 10 Professional also comes with the Action Center feature, where your employees can easily view emails and check recent system upgrades. With Action Center, your employees won’t have to open different programs just to check the activity of their computer. 

They can simply type in their query in the Action Center and wait for a few seconds before the operating system provides results. 

  • Locating files can also become an easier task when your employees use the Windows 10 Professional. The File Explorer functions as a one-stop-shop to look for and organize files. This feature is also customizable with options of transparent backgrounds and clearer fonts.

7. Seamless Performance Across Devices

Computers aren’t the only innovations entrepreneurs can use today. Smartphones can now function as computers but come in compact sizes, making them easier to carry around. With a smartphone, you can answer emails, check presentations, and even hold video conferences with potential clients and investors. 

Using the Windows 10 Professional makes it easy for you to enjoy the best of both worlds. This means that you can sync your smartphone or tablet with your computer so you can continue being productive even when you’re no longer in your office. 

With this feature, you can start typing a document on your computer and then immediately continue the task on your smartphone without any interruption. You can basically stop in the middle of the task from one device and then pick up from where you left off in another device. This feature is very efficient, especially for entrepreneurs who are always on the go. 

Make Sure To Explore 

Using the Windows 10 Professional can provide a wealth of benefits, but keep in mind that you will only get to experience these benefits if you actually use a licensed version of the operating system. This ensures that your computer can perform at its best and boost your productivity during the day. 

After installing a licensed version of the Windows 10 Professional, take the time to explore its features so you can make the most out of this operating system!