Microsoft Office Features

10 Microsoft Office Features You Will Love

From Mercedes Benz Company to a library, a majority of the high end, as well as small scale companies, rely on Microsoft for their newsletter collection to data management using MS Excel. The Only reason for their sustainability in the market is due to the new releases and updates they bring to their customers to make their work-life convenient and uncomplicated.

The latest features of the Microsoft Office 365, not only enhance productivity but also introduces the software brains of humans to new dimensions of control, management and storage.

In this article, let’s discuss the top 10 features of MS Office that you will love and never stop using them.

Simple sharing

Sharing of essential documents among a team or a group of people is often regarded as a tedious task that requires utmost precision, to prevent sharing the wrong file. This chaos can be avoided by using the Microsoft office that has introduced a direct sharing option. Individual files of word, excel and PowerPoint can be shared using one button, and co-authored files can be transmitted using OneDrive or SharePoint.

Simultaneous Collaboration

This new feature of Microsoft Office allows the team members to collaborate on MS Word and PowerPoint. It seamlessly displays the team member acting on the page of word or presentation.

Groups in Outlook


The new feature of creating separate groups on outlook helps in the company and team collaborations on one platform with a different inbox and other options which do not disrupt the normal flow of work.

Smart Lookup

This feature allows the user to look up a word from the word document. This saves time in opening the web browser and typing in the word.

Large files as URL

There was a time when larger files were stalling points for businesses. However, the introduction of the URL feature in MS Office has put a break to these difficulties.


Suppose you happen to delete or re-format a section of the document without knowledge or by mistake. In that case, you no longer need to worry because versioning can help you restore your document to the original form.


Data forecasting or the one-click forecasting is a new feature in Excel that is used to collect and manage the data that is already present in the Excel repository. It gives predictable options on certain options on the spreadsheet. This incredible feature makes use of the Excel Smoothing algorithm that sorts the collective data on the spreadsheet.


Microsoft has introduced six new charts in its latest features. This means that staring at the same-old boring bar chart and pie chart during the meeting is dead.


Cross drive compatibility

Cross drive compatibility plays importance while crossing from one software integration to another, especially within Microsoft applications.

Integration of Skype

Skype is now integrated with the word and excel. This means teams working in collaboration, will have the accessibility to the features of Skype within Microsoft applications. This feature promotes effective communication among the team members and also ensures time management and saves time.