Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Social CRM

Today’s web-centric culture provides a wide array of opportunities for businesses to expand their marketing strategies. Gone are the days when the operations of companies were solely based on manual, traditional methods. Technological advancements have improved business operations in a variety of areas, one of which includes social CRM. 

Social CRM refers to having a customer relationship management strategy with a focus on social media networking. In today’s day and age, social media is no longer just used for socialization purposes. Its growing population opens doors of opportunity for more leads, clients, and even an increase in revenue. 

That said, for you to be effective on social media platforms, it’s also imperative that you have CRM software in place. Here are the basics on social CRM, how to apply it, and why it’s important:

1. Enables You To Receive Unified Social Notifications

When you’ve got a strong presence across various social media sites, it might be confusing to keep them up and running. When notifications pop up across different screens, you may miss out on relevant ones. With social CRM, you won’t miss out on any of these notifications, as they’re all unified in one place. When a notification pops up, you can immediately respond to it. This makes for better and more efficient communication.

Here are some of the benefits you can gain from receiving unified social notifications: 

  • Keeps your business team informed of updates and developments across all your social media sites 
  • Fosters better interaction with your social media followers 
  • Takes the necessary steps to improve customer experience on social media sites to increase revenue 

With CRM, it enables your company to achieve benefits such as unified social notifications.

2. Create Improvements In Your Business Processes

Having a social CRM system in place can promote transparency in business processes by tracking your progress and sharing the results on your social media sites. Doing this will keep your followers in the loop when it comes to how you’re doing as a company, and what your plans are for improvement.

3. Enable Real-Time Updates In Customer Records 

Customer records refer to files that contain pertinent information about your customers and other project files or information. These records, which contain information about the social media activity of your customers, form the crux of your relationship with clients. The types of customer information that need to be updated on social media involve messages and activities across social media networks. These can help you tweak your pages more to respond to the time and kind of communication that best suits your customers. 

Real-time updates are necessary for businesses to engage better with customers who are also social media followers. This includes replying to feedback and questions on the comments section, or even through the various messaging capacities of social media sites. This is important for businesses, so customers won’t feel that the company is turning a blind eye on their concerns, lest customer satisfaction will decrease.

4. Win More Leads

The population on social media sites are increasing by the day. This means that right at the tip of your fingers, you have access to a wide variety of potential leads. With the help of social CRM, this can be achieved more effectively. First, you get valuable information about your followers, including demographics, preferences, and buying behavior. This allows you to win more business by focusing on the potential leads that can contribute the most to your business. 

Here are other tips on how to win more leads through social CRM: 

  • Increase your commitment to consistency on social media sites 
  • Apply social media search engine optimization (SEO) strategies 
  • Focus on the personality and unique characteristics of your business 
  • Study competing social media pages 
  • Listen to and note down the needs and whims of your followers

5. Auto-Discover New Customer Engagement Opportunities

A social CRM system in place can also help your social media team organize and prioritize their tasks for the day. With this, the team knows how and where to start to improve relationships with customers.  

Emails can be sent during important occasions, such as the following:  

  • Birthday notifications, so you can send birthday greetings to your clients 
  • Changes or updates in the social media network 
  • Upcoming meetings or events 

This kind of customer engagement is helpful to companies when reaching out to their clients. It makes customers feel special when the businesses that they’re loyal to remember their birthdays and other special occasions. With the right timing, you may even send out promo codes and vouchers during these days. Small gestures like these help maintain a good relationship with your customers, which can translate to better revenue.  


Social networking has matured in recent years. It’s no longer just used for recreational and socialization purposes. Social networks now also serve a deeper meaning for businesses. This includes using social media for marketing and lead generation. To be effective, however, companies still need customer relationship management strategies in place. These, when applied, are meant to streamline social media activities to make them more in line with the success of businesses.